Chizuko Yamaguchi

Born in Tokyo in 1943
Graduated from Japan Women’s University

・Commissioned by the Chiba City Art Association
・Affiliate of the Koufukai
・Member of Chiba Art Association
・Member of Art Maison Selecting Committee (A.M.S.C) Spain Headquarters
・Member of valle de los sueños group
・Honorary Member of the Royal Society of British Artists International
・Recognized as Heisei International Heritage Artist
・Recognized as Artistic and Cultural Missionary of “Paris Nouveau Japonism”
・Exhibited at the official recognized art exhibition in Japan Pavilion at Expo Milano(Italy)

・Special prize at the Art Exhibition for all Students and School Children (Yomiuri shimbun)
・Grand Prize for the Biography of French and Japanese Great Artists (300th anniversary of Louis XIV’s death)
・the Highest Award of Artistic Order in Italy from the Rome Art Association
・Chiba City Council Chairperson’s Award
・International Arts and Culture Award (World Standard International Art Association)
・Chiba Nippo Award
・Japan-Greece Culture Exchange Art Award at New Era(Japan Art Festival in Athens2019)
Paris-Orsay World Heritage of the Arts artist accreditation decision.
Louvre Museum, Paris, recognition of ‘Artists Brilliant’ on the 30th anniversary of its registration as a World Heritage Site.
・Médaille d’Or Supérieur Art Tricolore
And many other awards.